Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Genine & Frans / Bekbaai - Noisy Oyster, Paternoster

Bekbaai is one of the most serene and secluded spots here on the West Coast.  a Difficult location to reach and not for the elderly at all but breath taking beautiful.  It is a place to recover your inner senses again.  To sit still and thank God for the beauty.  This is how Genine and Frans wedding was.  Beautiful, simple and only with elements of nature to declare there love for each other.   The ceremony on the beach was so beautiful and it send you on the path of love. 
The reception was at the colourful NOISY OYSTER a seaside restaurant in Paternoster with lots of old world charm and believe it or not it is an open air restaurant full of colour.  Colourful chinese lanterns and mirror balls add to the ambiance of a "kuier" in your garden.  The tin flower bowls hang playful on seashell strings above the fountain and every where against the walls are funny scripts on blackboards reminding you of the past. Inside the little reception of the restaurant there is vintage books and memorabilia and you just cant stop looking.  This was the reason then for Genine and Frans again to choose this venue because there love for each other is warm and colourful,  The love poems on the seashell hearts was given to all the women and a  TIETIESBAAI enamel mug for all the men. 

Congratulations to Genine and Frans - Our best wishes for your future together.
Coordinator and Florist:  Marius van Zyl