Thursday, 28 February 2013


The couple choose white, mint green & cerise pink as their wedding colours. It fitted beautifull in with the venue and the ceremony on the grass area. The wedding decor looked fresh and clean on that very hot Saturday. The beautifull cerise pink gerberas lighten up the reception area and gave a feeling of happiness and excitement. The band played soft music in the back ground while the bride and groom pledged their love to one another. Everything came together perfectly, just as they dreamed it would be.


It was an honour to be part of such great event in the West coast. The college celebrated their 10th year of existence and also the new classrooms that was added to the building. A total amount of 430 guest was invited for the function included the VIP guests, students, parents and personnel. The cafeteria was used to seat guests and the rest of the guests was seated in the courtyard under a Bedouin tent. The colour of the college logo was used for the decor, flowers and furniture. The function was a huge success.  


A wedding on the beach at Tieties Bay with family and friends to celebrate it with, was the dream wedding for this couple. They wanted everyone to enjoy the wedding true West coast style. The wedding was in a Bedioun tent on the campsite right at the beach and most of the guest was camping there for the weekend. They wanted their decor to be a sea theme to fit in with the rest of the ambiance. Gold fish and a lot of candle light was their request. They wanted their guest to feel relaxed and comfortable. Fairy lights was used in the tent for light when it gets dark with. At night it looked festive and beautifull. To celebrate your wedding and still be part of mother nature was a dream coming true for Corrie & Chantell.




What an inspiring couple. I could feel the love this couple have each other from the first day I met Maritz and Anya. They was so excited and could not wait to get married. Their wedding day meant a lot to them for all the right reasons. This was the first time I met a groom that is so involve in his wedding and wanted to do everything possible to ensure that everything will be perfect for his bride to be. Anya was one of the most relaxed brides I've met in a long time. To declare their love to each other in marriage was the most important thing. The colour scheme of the wedding was white and gold. Their wish was that the decor must be simple yet elegant and gold fish as part of the centrepiece. As soon as it was dark it looked like the venue came alive. It looked like a fantasy. It was an honour to deliver a service to them.