Monday, 18 July 2011

SWIRMO 2011 - Presented by ICRC @ Military Academy Saldanha

The Senior Workshop on International Rules Governing Military Operations was recently held at the Military Academy in Saldanha and was attended by 60 countries from all over the world and we was so fortunate to be part of this important Red Cross International function.  We did a simple but table elegant table centrepiece for the weekly dinners with a black tablecloth, and napkin embellished with a African Beaded Napkin ring and this detail was repeated on the Ndebele Hat.  In the hat we used our National Flower the King Protea together with succulents and fynbos.  We also repeat the beaded detail on the menu's.

ICRC - African Chiq
The Gala evening we went all the way and wow the dignitaries 
with African wildlife, masks, shields with spears, glass and crystal.
The guests entered on a red carpet with gold and black stanchions and was welcomed with traditional African shield and spears before entering the first entrance hall decorated with two large golden columns with Lion heads on top with beautiful plants and black draping.

When they entered the cocktail area and the main entrance hall the camera's came out and didn't stop clicking until the main event was announced.  Here the guests was surprised with a life size elephant and rhino statues nestled between the most beautiful plants while sipping on sherry.  

The main entrance was etched off with two huge elephant tasks leading the guests to the main hall that was decorated with traditional African masks with soft cream and gold undertones.  The huge trumpet vase with King Protea arrangements with dangling crystals pick up the soft warm light of the candles on the crystal candles sticks and enhance the ambiance created with 5 arm crystal chandeliers to.   The guests was treated on traditional African food like Mealie Pap, Tribe & Trotters en almost 35 more delectable dishes prepared by wonderful staff of the Academy. 

The evening was coordinate by us personally and our attention to protocol make this an evening and event a huge success and the memories to all the dignitaries to last and remembered for years to come. of real and true South African Hospitality.  
We like to thank the ICRC, Military Academy and South African National Defence Force given us the opportunity to be part of this International Event.

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