Thursday, 8 September 2011

"It is all in the detail !" - BLIKKIES & RENE - Sea Trader - St Helena Bay

I like to tell my frequent visitors to our blog about this beautiful 
wedding of Blikkies & Rene at Sea Trader on the West Coast, St Helena Bay.  

Sometimes less is more and sometimes to show that you are not afraid  to use interesting combinations and to make use of other peoples talent, hobbies and strong points you can have a wedding that is been talking about for years to come.  Invite less people to your wedding so that you can have extra money to spend on elements to make your wedding "wow" Remember that you do not have to impress other people - it is what you want -  it is what you want to do. Be creative, enjoy and make it a festival and get together with friends and creative people around you ! 

Rene and Blikkies did go that extra mile and the wedding cake was an absolutely masterpiece.  The rustic hearts in a various shapes and sizes just tell the guests it was a wedding full of love.  The guest list was just as unique and beautiful not to mention the garden spikes with the rustic mesh cone just with a single protea.  The shell hearts on the ground in front of the gazebo was just as special.  The ribbons on the chairs with another rustic heart full of fynbos was stunning.  Every effort and detail was awesome.  Beautifully executed.  A  wedding to be proud of.

Our best wishes to Blikkies & Rene on there beautiful wedding ! Rene you have outdone yourself  !

Hiring:  Be-dazzled Wedding, Events & Hiring
Venue:  Sea Trader

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