Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A West Coast Beach Wedding - Hildegard & Stacey v Rensburg - PATERNOSTER

While we were setting up for Hildegard & Stacey's wedding on the beach at Paternoster i thought it is time to do a article on BEACH WEDDINGS on the West Coast.  First some pictures of this busy but beautiful beach wedding between the boats (bakkies).

So many people dream of getting married on the beach but not knowing how to do it.  
  • Most importantly - you need a permit from the local municipality in the area where you are getting married.  Asked the venue where you hold your reception if this is included in the price.  Do not assume that is included or been organized. It is costly and cost approximately in the region of R600.
  • Choose the area for the ceremony very carefully - If you are a very private person choose an area that is away from the hustle and bustle on the main beach area's and look for more seclude spots that is accessible for your guests.  Especially the elderly attending.  If you are an outgoing person and don't mind the hustle and bustle the onlookers can add an very interesting touch to the pictures taken on your big day. 
  • Choose interesting part's like beautiful sand dunes, fishermen boats and or big rocks. 
  • Add attention to detail like tin buckets or basins for your guests with rose petal water to wash there feet in and provide a soft towel to dry their feet with.  
  • Make use of simple decorations like sea stars and shells.  
  • Make sure to put up signs to show your guests where to go. 
  • Make sure the suppliers you are using know what they do. 
  • Provide sunblock or ask guests to use sunblock against the harsh west cost sun.
  • Ask guests to dress in light - normally in sandy, white or cream colours - cloths
  • Provide umbrella's for your guests - like Chinese umbrella's.  Another beautiful addition for pictures.
  • Make sure to check the tides on the day of your wedding. 
  • Remember that on the West Coast you could have all 4 seasons in one day and also remember that from October to end February the West Coast is known for wind.  March is by far the best month to get married in.
  • Provide some refreshments for your guests.  a Ice Cold bottle of water, some juice or a nice ice cold coke in a glass bottle are very popular.  Consider ice cream cones or Mojito suckers to your guests will just love it.  I don't say not to have liquor on the beach but you will need somebody with a liquor licence if you consider ciders or beer.  By law alcohol is not allowed on any beaches in the Western Cape.
  • Music will always put your guests in the right mood.  Consider a string quartet, violinist, doodle sack player or somebody with its own power system.  It is not always possible to have electricity everywhere.
Now for some beautiful pictures of beach ceremonies we have done.

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