Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hennis & Tanya - Sea Trader - St Helena Bay

Tanya and Hennis van Zyl choose the vibrant colour scheme of red, black and white for their beautiful wedding at Sea Trader, St Helena Bay on the West Coast.
The whole venue were draped in white with black swags and hundreds of little fairy lights that peak from behind.  The tables was set in a black tablecloth, a rich embossed patterned taffeta runner, white napkins, red under plates and an beautiful but unusual centrepiece in ostrich feathers just with one single red rose in a cylinder vase on a bed of glass pebbles.  The out sized red wine glasses with the floating candle just add to the ambiance and festive atmosphere.  The main table just wow the guests with tens of red roses arranged in silver bowls and it just add to the rich overall glamorous feel.  The gazebo was draped in white and a creepy red rose around the pillars just tie it all together.  

Our best wishes to Hennis and Tanya on a beautiful life together full of  love and happiness.
Coordinator:  Anthea Paulse

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