Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Luzahn Wagner's wedding - 31st December 2011 - Paternoster

Luzahn choose to get married on the last day of 2011 on a beautiful saturday morning in Paternoster here on the West Coast with a very small group of guests.  The carpet was rolled out and we all waited for the bride to arrive.  To our surprise she entered from the sea on one of Paternosters famous fish "bakkies".  The guests were all cheerful and surprised as Luzahn's brother carry her from the boat  to the beach.  She was dressed in a beautiful gown and was one of the most pretiest brides to end 2011 with.  



  1. The bride's name is Monique not Luzahn. Luzahn is her step mother's name.

  2. Our entire wedding day was lovely! I can't imagine it having to be different. Skatkis lodge & restaurant and "die bootjie man" as we called him and his crew, made everyone feel at home and therefore I am thankful to EVERYONE that contributed to our big day! Paternoster is engraved in our hearts with nothing but good, special memories! We are truly thankful to all our family and friends that attended our wedding day.
    With love.
    Monique *