Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nina & Jonathan - Sea Trader - Brittania Bay

Jeanine and Jonathan request to have the theme of SAPS Blue and natural colours.  They want a powdery look  and i thought how on earth am i going to this.  I then decide that cement coloured bowls with simple white flowers will do the trick with elements of silver.  We source beautiful material and specially made SAPS blue napkins for them and she made a simple white plaster of paris heart that we put on the napkin and wow that simple little heart just done it.  Furthermore they want to repeat the sea element to and they have decides to give the guest each a pair of flip flops as a guest favour and the same time used it as a the name tag for the seating at the tables on the back of the chairs.  It just look awesome.  On the dance floor we hung strings of Chinese lanterns on dimmer switches to add to the ambiance.  A beautiful wedding.
Our best wishes to Nina an Jono on the future together. 

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