Monday, 23 April 2012

Theoniel & Katy McDonald Wedding - Paternoster Lodge / Jakkalsgat - Paternoster

a Whimsical wedding with elements of the enchanted forest theme.  Thousands of twinkling little fairy lights lit the tables on strands cascading from the roof.  The tea light candles were hidden in wooden logs in between huge cylinder vases with beautiful Casablanca Lillie's playfully arranged in between the strands of fairy lights. The Lodge was beautifully decorated for this real time wedding with views on the Paternoster beach to die for.
The ceremony was held at JAKKALSGAT sometimes mistaken for Bekbaai.  A beautiful chuppa in white edge of the sacred place for the ceremony to be concluded amongst the huge rocks and just with the waves and breathtaking views to announce this special day of the beautiful wedding couple and bridal party.

For the best views in Paternoster, excellent food, friendly staff please visit
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